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October 2, 2017

A Blogger’s Best Friend #MyAGame

Lyra Aoko Media - Samsung A Series Edited-2

As a content creator, my life revolves around my phone. Take it away for a day and I’d basically be crippled. From planning out my weekly schedule, shooting and editing photos, to keeping lines of communication open, having a phone with proper specs is an integral part of my workflow.

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December 13, 2016

My Wine and Cheese Pairing Experience in Tigoni


Recently, in the spirit of trying out new things, I made a to visit the Brown’s Food Co. factory in Tigoni. Set up in 1979, Brown’s Food Company is famous for their high quality artisan cheeses and all natural ice-cream.

We got a tour of the cheese making process in the factory, and we were taken around the farm where they keep  chicken, cows and pigs,as well as grow their own vegetables for the lunches hosted at the premises.

The highlight of the experience though, was the wine and cheese pairing session.

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