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September 25, 2015

Tropical Heat

Man, I loved that show!

A moment of silence for all those hearts that were broken when they found out that I hadn’t actually dyed my hair as they were made to believe by the photoshopped photo I posted on my social media accounts…


That said, It’s Summer time!!!! Well, not really. But lately, the scorching Nairobi heat has been quite unforgiving, and it’s making me pretty cranky, so I’ll call it whatever I want to! As a matter of fact, I propose we call Nairobi “The green city ‘ON’ the sun”.

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September 16, 2015


Oh how I wish I was talking about myself
But it’s the shoes..

I’ve never really been that much of a sneaker fan. The only casual shoes I used to wear were Chuck Taylor’s. That was until I came across these babies.

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