September 16, 2015


Oh how I wish I was talking about myself
But it’s the shoes..

I’ve never really been that much of a sneaker fan. The only casual shoes I used to wear were Chuck Taylor’s. That was until I came across these babies.

The Jordan Super.Fly 3 is the third release in the Super.Fly series designed by Nike for Los Angeles Clippers power Forward Blake Griffin. Being a basketball shoe, it has been designed for the court. Thus the treads, grip and how it hugs your foot has been made to appeal to basketball players. Nike has integrated the “Flightplate” technology to this shoe, enhancing both performance and comfort.

The Dapper Brother-0007

The Dapper Brother-0002 The Dapper Brother-0004 The Dapper Brother-0009 The Dapper Brother-0008The Dapper Brother-0014

I went for a Korean streetstyle inspired look here, I wore a black hooded cloak with a burgundy turtleneck and black fitting jeans. The Red Jordans stood out from this ensemble, making them the center of attention for this look.

Sneakers are all about showing off. If they aren’t standing out, you’re doing it wrong! Well, as long as they are not Supras, in which case you should just casually walk back to 2009 and never look back. I remember I saved up for months for a pair of Supra TK Society and finally buying a pair of knock-offs at Nairobi Stalls (The youngins probably don’t have the slightest idea what I’m talking about) for KSH4500. I would have been better off if I tore up that money instead.

I digress.. To ensure that your sneakers really stand out, you could cuff your pants up in a pinroll like I did. This ensures that the entire sneaker is exposed for all the world to see it in all its magnificence. You should avoid wearing baggy pants with ‘statement sneakers’ as the break of the pant leg just ends up covering up the shoe and you end up looking awkward. Fit is everything (Words to live by).

The Dapper Brother-0016 The Dapper Brother-0017 The Dapper Brother-0018 The Dapper Brother-0019 The Dapper Brother-0020 The Dapper Brother-0021

I’m tempted to wear these pair of shoes to a black tie event just to throw people off. Ever heard of “The Red Sneakers Effect”? No? Well let me educate you! Last year, researchers from the Havard School of Business concluded that sneakers, can be a visible signal of elevated economic or social standing. They found that nonconforming behavior, such as wearing red sneakers in a formal setting, may indicate a person who isn’t bound by conventional rules of fashion.

Errrm.. Okay. I think there are a lot of variables that should be put into consideration in this argument. I haven’t completed reading the entire report, so I wouldn’t know. I got distracted watching Key & Peele.


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