September 25, 2015

Tropical Heat

Man, I loved that show!

A moment of silence for all those hearts that were broken when they found out that I hadn’t actually dyed my hair as they were made to believe by the photoshopped photo I posted on my social media accounts…


That said, It’s Summer time!!!! Well, not really. But lately, the scorching Nairobi heat has been quite unforgiving, and it’s making me pretty cranky, so I’ll call it whatever I want to! As a matter of fact, I propose we call Nairobi “The green city ‘ON’ the sun”.

Given the fact that heavy rains are just around the corner, we should embrace the sun when it’s still with us and dress for it. Because In a couple of weeks the streets will be littered in sweaters, coats and umbrellas.

The Dapper Brother-0001 The Dapper Brother-0003

Gone are the days when guys used to cringe at the thought of wearing shorts. I remember back in Primary school I fantasized of the days where I’d go to high school and wear trousers every day to school like a big boy.

When it comes to shorts, a close fit is better than a loose one. Opt for a slim fit that doesn’t wing out at the bottom. This is mainly because shorts tend to add bulk to the thighs and wearing baggy ones will make you look plain awkward. And we don’t want that, do we now?

For a guy like me, who carries the bulk of his weight around his midsection, it is advisable to layer up on the upper body so as to create the illusion of an evened out silhouette. Keep in mind that the weather is hot, so layering should be done with light fabrics. Please don’t suffocate yourself to death in the name of fashion.

The Dapper Brother-0010The Dapper Brother-0011

For this look I wore orange chino shorts, a white v-neck t-shirt and my favourite print shirt. I went on and threw in a couple of accessories including a gold chain, beaded bracelets, and a watch. Believe it or not, this was my first time wearing shorts outside the house in a long time (By ‘long time’, I mean since I was like 14), so I felt a bit awkward and bare at first.

The Dapper Brother-0012The Dapper Brother-0013 The Dapper Brother-0006 The Dapper Brother-0004

If wearing shorts is already too much of a risk for you and you aren’t feeling rather adventurous with color, you could always go with more traditional colors like khaki, navy, white or olive.

Unless you’re on a soccer or rugby pitch, you should never wear visible socks with shorts. Go sock-less or invest in a couple of pairs of no-show socks. The type of shoes you wear also matter. Shorts go especially well when paired up with boat shoes and loafers. I would advice to leave out the flip flops for a day out on the beach.

The Dapper Brother-0014 The Dapper Brother-0008 The Dapper Brother-0009The Dapper Brother-0007

Also, I’ve been shortlisted for the MIMI Fashion Blogger Contest being run by MIMI Online Shop. If you haven’t nominated me yet, kindly head on to Facebook (Link), Instagram (Link) and Twitter (Link) and do so right now.
Enjoy your Weekend!

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